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Somai Pharmaceuticals is an international company focused on the extraction of the Cannabis plant and making formulations for the EU market. Somai invests in extraction, cultivation, research, development and distribution of GMP-pharmaceutical certified cannabinoid products
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Somaí Pharma is a medical model for the Cannabis industry, concentrating on growing and import/export of consistent high quality medical-grade flower and pharmacological applications with extracted 95% pure THC distillate and 99% THC-A isolate, which can be used for formulation of THC and CBD combinations for oral use like drops and pills.

Somaí Pharma will be best positioned for Global pharmaceutical distributors who reach
a broader demographic through world-wide networks and follows the successful model of Solaris Farms in the USA.
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As more countries in the EU adopt medicinal Cannabis programs, we will be there to meet their demand. Rules and regulatory frameworks from the EU and independent countries are expanding rapidly and so will our partners and product lines.

We are on the cutting edge of developing exclusive partnerships with industry leaders in alternative medicine.
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George Bellow
Michael Sassano
Roman Faizov
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Anthony DeMe
Lead Extraction Officer
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