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Michael Sassano & Antonio Guedelha: GMP #14 Client Management in GMP

Cannabis Law Report

Pharmaceutical cannabis companies with industrial manufacturing facilities operate in a global market and can cater to a broad range of potential clients. You can sell cannabis products to the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) markets, finished products can be white labeled, and branded finished products can be sold to pharmacies. You can also engage in contract manufacturing. The main differences between these options are whether you sell to pharmacies or other companies.

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Germany’s Move to Legalize Marijuana Will Spark a Wildfire In Europe: Mike Sassano

My Cannabis

According to Mike Sassano, CEO of Somai Pharmaceutical, this move is likely to spark a wildfire across Europe. “Europe is officially moving towards full legalization with the bold moves by the German Health Ministry. The initial proposal is being floated and kicks off the public debate that will shape the rules further. Germany has long been the leader in medical cannabis reform and all the other countries in EU will follow with similar versions once completed. As countries position behind Germany, so too will the EU parliament and UN be forced to recognize that their rules need modernizing, which is no surprise to these over-arching bodies. 2023 will be a cannabis wild fire in Europe and Germany is the leader as the biggest EU economy that generally sets the trend and agendas,” Mr. Sassano said.

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European Cannabis Q3 2022 Quarterly Update

Talk Markets

The third quarter for European cannabis was painfully slow and uneventful. What started as an exciting, promising year fizzled into typical summer laziness. It seems there is even less to be excited about on the horizon and many rumors swirl around Germany’s upcoming adult-use legalization. Although some quarters are less optimistic than others, the European Union cannabis market is long-term bullish and still on track to be the second-largest market in the world. And one thing is for sure, there is more European cannabis infrastructure needed, capital is critical to the growth, and early adopters are leading the largest M&A deals.

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