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To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast – Episode 117: The Global Cannabis Market and Why Germany is Poised to Lead

To Be Blunt

“If Germany goes recreational, everybody’s going to follow them to some extent. If the leader says, look, this is how I’m addressing the product, the issue that I see at hand, you can pretty much be sure all the bigger countries will come in line like France, Portugal… And a few others are going to really move quickly because there’s no reason for them to be disadvantaged if the rules are already set.” – Michael Sassano

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The Investor Talk – with Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman for SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals

Equity Match

Episode 29: Watch the #TheInvestorTalk episode with Michael Sassano

Michael Sassano, the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Somai Pharmaceuticals, is one of the most respected executives in the pharmaceutical cannabis space today. He was an early investor in the cannabis industry in the United States; today he is celebrated in mainstream business and biopharma media as an international authority on developing large-scale cannabis infrastructures throughout the world and the most advanced pharmaceutical cannabinoid products.

Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel to learn more about this astute investor and many tips on #startupfunding.

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Making the Best Concentrates For a Global Market

Maximum Yield

Article by Anthony Demeo and Michael Sassano
The global market is waking up to quality concentrates and extracts, but it’s still the U.S. that leads the way thanks to superior cannabis genetics.
Concentrates may have been first created on the west coast of the United States, but the global cannabis market at large is starting to awaken to the purity, tastes, and benefits of dabbing and concentrate consumption. Concentrates make up nearly 10 percent of total cannabis sales in the U.S. and since Canada legalized cannabis 2.0, sales of concentrates are steadily growing and are expected to surpass the current 2.9 percent market share to be in line with U.S. percentage sales within the next three years. Even South America is seeing the early concentrate entrants and it is only a matter of time before Europe and others develop legal frameworks for manufacturers to offer this significant sector of cannabis products.

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Michael Sassano & Antonio Guedelha: GMP #13: Preventive Maintenance in GMP

Cannabis Law Journal

Consistent and reliable pharmaceutical manufacturing depends on many factors, but a critical one is the process equipment. If the process equipment is faulty, the product quality may be at risk, and downtime may be inevitable. This can lead to product contamination and safety risk. Additionally, faulty equipment will impact the production costs, so you must ensure the process equipment is well maintained. Well-run equipment will reduce the time to produce a batch, reduce stops during manufacturing and even eliminate long stops for extreme repairs. The target of maintenance is to run the process equipment at maximum use, avoid unpredictable stops and/or decrease maintenance costs.

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