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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Newsletter – July 2022

We can proudly say that we are open for business now!

This month was probably the most exciting so far for the SOMAÍ team! We finished with the construction of the facility as planned, received our first flower for extraction, and are processing 100 kilogram per run optimizing our yield. Next month we will make our first products for validation when we reach the highest optimum yield. It took a lot of group effort and individual commitment for our team to accomplish this milestone. Every member of our team is well prepared for our certifications and product development pathway. We have a busy summer ahead.

SOMAÍ – This month’s Highlights:

SOMAÍ ’s presence in ICBC GIF & B2B was powerful this year.

Our CEO & Founder, Michael Sassano, was one of the speakers on the second day of the conference, taking part in the panel discussion “Cannabis In Biotechnology” moderated by Marguerite Arnold, and alongside with David Traylor (Golden Eagle Partners) and Julian Wichmann (Algea Care, Bloomwell Group) they discussed a wide range of issues regarding cannabis recreationally, medicinally and in biotechnology.

We had a fun packed schedule meeting with old friends and new potential business partners. We will be taking on a sponsorship roll the next ICBC because it draws the right crowd.