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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Newsletter - August 2021

Although this month is generally considered to be a rather slow one, we have seen some interesting developments in the European cannabis industry. First of all, the largest cannabis export to date from Africa to Europe was announced. Highlands Investments, operator of one of the largest outdoor cannabis grow facilities in Africa will ship 8.5 tons of medical cannabis to North Macedonia. This for sure will be the world's biggest single legal cannabis export to Europe to date.

Last week, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) took place in Berlin. That was two days of full industry networking, presentations and interviews of well known speakers in the cannabis industry.

And last but not least, earlier this month Prohibition Partners released "The Cannabis Extraction Report" which in a nutshell finds that the emerging extraction industry is proving to be one of the most active areas of innovation and growth in the cannabis industry. 

As for SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, we are starting the first steps of our Dossier Preparation Process, which is a huge step for the development of our future products and also for the unique formulations we will produce with our partners. We have had over 30 requests to date and are working to get everyone's paperwork and documents in-order.

Dossier preparation - Phase 1

The time has come to start our lab-scale extraction and we need to choose our biomass suppliers and oil producers that want to be EU-GMP certified. As groups fill out the paperwork, we will be onboard starting material and start preparing our dossiers for extracts of each growers genetics or blend of genetics.

Phase 1 of our Dossier Preparation Process is qualifying our suppliers. Right now we are sending out our Quality & Product Specification Questionnaires that will provide us with all necessary information for the incoming product and ensure that the product meets our standards as extraction raw material and is of highest quality and capacity. 

We will then be able to finally pick a few of the growers to onboard their product for our dossier preparation - this is a step of high importance as we will be able to register each extract with the Portuguese authorities by building a separate dossier for each API. By early 2022, we will be ready for industrial scale extraction, and will have identified the profile of each strain plus validated our processes.

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