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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Newsletter - June 2021

The past few years have been transformative for the European cannabis industry. Major legislative decisions, such as the United Nations’ rescheduling of cannabis to recognize its medicinal properties, have bolstered the expansion of the European medical cannabis sector. The need to funnel time and resources towards combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic led to understandable delays in national policy reform, but the tail end of the last decade still saw undeniable strides made in terms of launching medical cannabis pilot programmes and improving patient access.

Without doubt, the next several years will be equally crucial to the development and strength of Europe’s cannabis industry. But for the extraction sector specifically, the future looks especially bright.

Why extraction

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals brings eight years of practical extraction experience to the European market, with SOMAÍ leadership having overseen huge advancements in technology, formulation science, and drug delivery as the cannabis market expanded in the US west coast.

With competition in the cannabis sector expected to shift away from cultivation and towards extraction and formulation processes, operations that already hold demonstrable experience in the field will have a key advantage in the sector.

SOMAÍ comes with an expert knowledge base that has already learned how to optimize extraction operations to realize their peak efficiency, and crucially also their peak profitability. This is rare in the European market where many start-ups are learning the craft for the first time, and so SOMAÍ stands out.

SOMAÍ - This month’s highlights include:

  • Two political parties in Portugal proposed the legalization of adult-use cannabis during a parliamentary debate. Both parties have essentially proposed that the cultivation, distribution, purchasing, possession and consumption of adult-use cannabis be legalized.
  • Things are starting to move very quickly with and we are beginning interviewing for more staff.
  • We have opened discussions with partners & also looking for new partners for contract manufacturing medical cannabis products and APIs.

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