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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Newsletter - October 2021

Industry wide developments are proving that the cannabis market in Europe is expanding rapidly for both medical and recreational cannabis. 

This month, there's been much talk about several countries going green: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Germany and last but not least, Portugal. Regulatory change is gathering pace for recreational markets, with the first four countries set to legalize around the turn of the year. Most notably for Somai, the decision of the Portuguese Parliament on the recreational bill is due on 9th December. 

Somai is best positioned to participate in all three EU cannabis sectors: pharmaceutical trials, medicinal herbal extract market, and expanding off our management structure to capitalize on the recreational markets.

Somai- This month's highlights

  • Our CEO, Michael Sassano, was present at the largest cannabis industry conference in the world, MJBizCon, that took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 20. He had the chance to reunite with a lot of friends in the US cannabis sector and discuss market trends and needs with old and new entrepreneurs during the event he hosted.
  • We have been growing our team steadily as we ramp up. Anthony DeMeo has decided to work more full-time with Somai to develop and formulate our products as the R&D Director. This is significant not only for Somai from an R&D perspective since the products Anthony makes command the highest pricing in the US markets plus his wealth of knowledge in formulation, but also that we can attract talent from US public companies. Anthony will bring on an additional scientist to build out the most innovative products for Somai.
  • To speed up our time to market and in-advance of our industrial facility opening, we have developed a partnership with Lusofona University to run our lab-scale manufacturing. This is the same extraction process that will be performed at the facility on a smaller scale and is aimed at stability testing and the validating of our processes ahead of time so that our product dossiers can be registered in time for industrial production. We expect this relationship to grow over time as an additional research and development arm of Somai.

Join us at Cannabis Europa on November 11 

Our CEO, Michael Sassano, will be one of the speakers discussing The Great European Opportunity on Thursday 11 November 2021, 10:20 AM to 11:00 AM London time.

Join us and 300 influential leaders across politics, business & finance in the iconic Banking Hall, London for Cannabis Europa. The event will be a day of engaging talks and networking, to determine the future of cannabis in Europe.

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