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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Newsletter - May 2021

With the legalization of medical cannabis accelerating across the globe, there has been a massive amount of innovation in terms of the products that are available for patients around the world. And this innovation is enabled by the creation of high-purity, pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid extracts that can be used to make unique formulations and product types that best serve the needs of these patients.

At SOMAÍ, the extraction process is considered holistically – beginning right at the start of the plant growth cycle. Making the best quality products has to begin with using plants which have the best possible genetics for extraction and synthesis.

With this wealth of extraction knowledge and a state-of-the-art extraction hub currently under-construction just 30 minutes from downtown Lisbon, SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is well-equipped to serve the still-blooming European cannabis industry as the need for high-quality formulations continues to escalate.

Who we are

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is a large-scale manufacturer of cannabis products, concentrating on high quality medical-grade pharmacological applications starting with primary APIs of crude distillate, 95% pure THC distillate, 99% THC-A isolate, pharmaceutical grade CBD, CBN and other minor cannabinoids, which can then be used for formulations with multiple combinations to be delivered by gel capsules, drops, transdermal patches and other delivery methods.

SOMAÍ will be best positioned for the global pharmaceutical distributors who reach a broader demographic through world-wide networks with vast experience from developing multiple facilities for the United States cannabis market.

SOMAÍ - This month’s highlights include:

  • SOMAÍ received permission for future expansion of facility. We can double our facility’s size simply by building a second floor at a later date.
  • We signed a laboratory R&D partnership with a Portuguese University further propelling our dossier and formulation development.
  • We have opened discussions with partners & also looking for new partners for contract manufacturing medical cannabis products and APIs.
  • We have completed our pre-application for future EU grants for manufacturing and innovations of technology.
  • We are starting to engage in socially positive organizations and activities for Portugal to give to our local community. And are actively accepting proposals for review.

A little about SOMAÍ:

Last month, our CEO & Chairman, Michael Sassano participated in the Business Empowerment Event, organized by CANNA WORLD EXPO.

During his presentation, he shared his insights about the EU Pharmaceutical Market (April 17, 2021). His experience with U.S.-based grow operations and international pharmaceutical product development is shared in this informative update on European and global markets.

In this part, Michael gives us a little flavor of what SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals LTD is doing to address the needs of patients in the EU and Global markets.

You can watch the full video here.

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